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Remove Copy of Shortcut/ Recyclers Virus from your Computer???

  Are U Suffered from Copy of Shortcut Virus?

Here is the solution.....

Many of our Windows Seven or XP user suffers from a virus called "Copy of Shortcut" or "Recyclers"
or Copy of Shortcut 1,Copy of Shortcut 2,Copy of Shortcut 3 etc.
Its a great problem because most of the antiviruses is unable to find the virus. Coz Its generated from Win 32 system.And it makes many folders and can be damage your System.

For remove this Virus permanently we presenting the China Antivirus named "Rising Lion Antivirus". Its very effective for those type of Male-wares and other Trojan horses. Download It.Don't worry Its only 37.5 MB.

1.At first Download the rar file and extract it.
2.Uninstall your previous antivirus.
3.Install Rising Antivirus,Please select language as English.
4.After finishing start a Over all Scan.
5.Rising Antivirus delete all viruses from your computer.
6.After that please delete all the folders named "Recyclers" manually from all drive in your       
   Relax this time you can delete those folders easily.!!!

                           Download Rising Antivirus:

                                     (Click any mirror server and download)
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really works? or fake? or malware?


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